About Unisa - Dismantling barriers to education

For more than 14 decades, Unisa has been perhaps the only university in South Africa to have provided all people with access to education, irrespective of race, color or creed, and geography. During the apartheid era, we broke down barriers through interracial education and played a significant role in offering education to political prisoners – including Nelson Mandela – preparing them for leadership positions they hold in society today.

The Unisa community continues to be inspired by this history and vision, now with a mission to become the African university shaping futures in the service of humanity – and driven by the values of social justice and excellence with integrity. Underlying this is a commitment to being a comprehensive, open distance learning institution that produces excellent scholarship and research, provides quality learning at accessible tuition levels and fosters active community engagement. Through our efforts we contribute to the knowledge and information society, advance development, nurture a critical citizenry and ensure global sustainability.

As the largest university in Africa, we gather students from across a large and diverse continent, as well as from around the globe. Our commitment to a robust and varied student population illustrates an emerging understanding that a full learning experience depends upon the environment within which learning takes place. In the case of Unisa, this environment is in many ways a microcosm of African and global society.

Won’t you consider joining us in shaping the tomorrows of South Africa, the continent and the world?


Unisa’s graduates have been at the forefront of scientific discoveries, business ventures, and political decisions around the globe. No matter where they go after graduation, they are always a part of Unisa’s alumni community. Take a look at our incredible global community.

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Won’t you consider joining us in shaping the tomorrows of South Africa,
the continent and the world?