New Ekurhuleni alumni chapter convenor elected

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June 20, 2018
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New Ekurhuleni alumni chapter convenor elected

Neo Tsebe, the newly elected convenor of the Ekurhuleni Chapter

A new convenor and a new committee to serve the alumni chapter of Ekurhuleni were elected on 16 March 2018 at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg. Neo Tsebe, an alumnus of Unisa, was ecstatic at the realisation that she had been elected to the position of convenor. She studied her Honours BCom Internal Audit through Unisa, graduated in May 2013, and currently works as an auditor at a multi-national audit firm.

Who is Neo Tsebe?

Neo Tsebe was born in Hammanskraal, North of Pretoria in the late 1980s. She is a sister, daughter, grandchild, an avid reader, lover of life, liker of things, and lover of trees, cooking and baking. She credits her grandparents who raised her with unconditional love for instilling much of her values and shaping her into the person she is today.

A testimony of how Unisa shaped her future.

The experience of studying at Unisa is a confidence booster. Whilst there are many higher learning institutions, nothing compares to having your degree from a well-respected and internationally recognized institution. I believe as a Unisa graduate, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. The open, distance, and e-learning (ODeL) experience honed my leadership and time management skills. This came with the responsibility of having to sacrifice time to study, submit assignments and prepare for exams while having a full-time job. The honours qualification that I have continues to add immense value to my practical work as an auditor and opens doors whenever I want to enter the market.

Her leadership style…

Being the first born of three children and the first grandchild of ten makes me a natural born leader. I am a role model and an advisor to my siblings and cousins. I also lead from the front, a skill I learnt while I was a lecturer. I take time to consult with my colleagues when leading projects at work.

What else does she do with the extra time on her hands?

I believe in following your dreams and not being afraid to be who you are and standing for what is right, even if you stand alone. I am passionate about education, women’s rights, social justice and particularly, the rights of the LGBTI community. Other than reading novels by Dr Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Chinua Achebe, NoViolet Bulawawyo, and Tsitsi Dangarembga, I can be found exploring the wild outdoors on hikes, cooking or attending camping music festivals.

Neo shares her vision of chapter

This is a position I understand serves to mobilise alumni to support the university and its developments. My vision is to see the Ekurhuleni chapter alumni feeling engaged and excited to be a part of a bigger network of alumni. I am keen to see this chapter meet and raise the bar for an alumni chapter. My vision is also to be part of an alumni chapter that engages with its community and one that aids in supporting current students through mentorship and tutorial support.